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Day 2 in Vilnius: Today my good friend Noah and I took part in several events related to an LGBT festival (Kreives) happening in Vilnius, Lithuania. Firstly we took part in a historical event for transpeople, where LGL hosted their first official meeting for transpeople, called Transpizza. Lithuania has strange pizzas with salat dressing. Secondly we hosted a workshop called the “T(ea) Party” where we talked about what trans is, common stereotypes, case studies of transinclusion and evaluated LGL’s position on transinclusion. Thirdly we joined a screening of the movie “Tomboy” and had some discussions afterwards. Had a wonderful day and I am hopeful that LGL will keep on doing good things and include transpeople actively in their work. So glad to have had a chance to do this and share it with my amazing friend, Noah. One love. <3 #queer #transgender #LGL #transinclusion #kreives

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